Sunday, January 29, 2012

Low Cal Low Fat Chocolate Caramel Martini

No I am not just teasing you! I love Hungry Girl. This is a take off of her Mounds Martini. I did not have the sugar free coconut flavoring but I had caramel. Yummy!

1 packet 25 calorie hot cocoa mix
1/4 c hot water
2 oz sugar free calorie free caramel flavored syrup*
3 oz vodka
2 Tbsp fat free Redi-Whip

Dissolve the cocoa mix in the water. Add remaining ingredients and put into a drink shaker. Voila!
It is still 7 points because of the vodka but it could be much worse!

* I used Torani as recommended by Hungry Girl. I have seen coupons saying that you can get it at Wal-Mart but I have never been able to find it at any Walmart in MA or PA. I got mine at

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